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The Sobakov: Introducing the new Adidas trainers where true passion meets raw emotion

Introducing you to the brand-new trainers from Adidas: the Sobakov. Aimed to reignite the spirit of Terrace Footwear. We have teamed up with Mainline Menswear who are exclusive stockists of the new style. These football silhouettes are a must have, coming in two bold colours: white & black.

True passion meets raw emotion in the new Adidas trainers. Designed to connect, and educate, a new generation of consumers with Adidas’s authentic association with football culture. Taking aspects off the pitch and onto the streets.

AQ1135 - 3

AQ1135 - 1

The name Sobakov is a blend of the Russian words for wolf (Volk) and dog (Sobaka). Two extremely territorial animals known for operating in packs and aggressively going against each other to guard their territory. Adidas chose this name to echo the behaviours of the traditional terrace consumer. A sense of pride that they feel for their local collective identity, striving to defend it in an increasingly globalized world.

Don’t be hesitant to grab a pair as they are anticipated to sell out fast!

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